Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Your Portable Display Systems in Malaysia

Be certain of the value you're getting by asking lots of questions when you purchasing a pop up displays system or portable display system for exhibition in Malaysia. There are major differences of quality between portable display systems.

Flymax Displays specializes in portable display systems and pop up display systems that are second to none in quality. If you're considering a cheaper system, we encourage you to ask the questions in this checklist. They cover important aspects of quality, usability, adaptability, and buyer protection.

Does the frame….

 ...come with an UNCONDITIONAL "No Questions Asked" Lifetime Warranty?
A warranty should come directly from a reputable and well established manufacturer, preferably on the continent you reside. A "No Questions Asked" warranty ensures that you will be taken care of quickly and professionally.

 ...have a Heavy-Duty load bearing frame?
Low-strength frames are common, unable to securely support weighted additions to your booth and allowing hung panels to buckle. Note that Flymax pop up display can hold up to 750lbs, unmatched in the industry.

 ...use new, Aircraft-grade extruded aluminum?
Aircraft-grade aluminum is extremely strong, making for a secure and stable booth, and super lightweight for easier transport. Cheaper systems use recycled aluminums that significantly compromise strength, integrity, and looks.

 ...have high quality aluminum connectors that lock the frame in place?
Secure stability is no question with our portable display system, but many systems still use connectors that are plastic, or worse, just use springs.

 Is the frame field serviceable and modular?
Though it would take a lot with a portable display system, damage can occur. Fortunately, most repairs can happen right on the spot with a screwdriver and a phone call to our support line. And having a modular pop up display system means that you can make easy changes and/or additions to your system configuration.

Do the channel bars….

 ...come with high energy magnetic tape for maximum bond with fabric or graphic panels?
One of the most common complaints of cheaper portable display systems are weak magnet strips that let panels hang loose of the frame at the slightest touch.

 ...have removable components so they are field serviceable?
Cheaply manufactured portable display systems are glued together, making quick repairs to components next to impossible and requiring replacement. A repair kit comes with every portable display system, easily used if a mishap occurs.

 ...have block out technology to prevent unwanted backlight from filtering through the back of the display?
Portable pop up display systems that allow light to shine through seams tend to look less professional, and is a common complaint regarding cheap systems.

 ...lock onto the frame providing extra strength to the system?
Our portable pop up display systems have an exclusive slide 'n' lock channel bar system ensuring a perfectly level frame with unsurpassed strength.

 ...come with predrilled holes for internal or external shelving?
Amazingly, some manufacturers charge you more for these 'upgraded' channel bars.

Does the case….

 ...protect fragile components during shipping?
Lighting equipment and bulbs need to be secure and well-protected during shipping. Graphics should be easily rolled and separated from the frame and channel bars, to prevent scratching during transport.

 ...have strong locks?
Our portable display systems come with 4 industrial strength locks, ensuring that the contents are protected during shipping (if one latch does break the lid still remains intact).

 ...include Hi-impact rubber wheels that are indestructible and easy to roll?
Wheels that are easily broken, during shipping or while rolling, can drastically slow you down. Be sure you're getting a quality case, with wheels that are guaranteed against breaking.

Are the graphics….

 ...printed on exclusive titanium film?
Our titanium film is a custom created for pop up trade show displays, with a stop-light layer co-extruded within the film, ensuring bright saturated displays even in strong, mixed lighting. This unique graphic fabrication also offers the world's toughest, most dimensionally stable solution for pop ups.

 ...use Lexan Polycarbonate UV laminate for the graphics?
Lexan is unquestionably the superior laminate for pop up display booths and exhibit backwalls. Protac Polycarbonate UV are used in conjunction with titanium films to create rigid, yet rollable panels, meaning a long life for your graphics.